Estate Planning

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Securities are particularly suited to direct giving. By transferring stocks to FEF, the donor avoids paying capital gains taxes and receives advantages in deducting stock value from income taxes. Life insurance is another possibility when FEF is named irrevocable, sole beneficiary. Proceeds are excluded from the taxable estate of the insured, and annual premiums paid are considered an educational gift. Wills establish lasting and final gifts to the Foundation. These gifts provide simple and convenient ways for you to immortalize your place in cast metals higher education. Donations of other non-cash properties, such as works of art, often can realize greater tax deductions than gifts of money. Special recognition is an important part of the Saugus Society. As with all financial matters of this type, you should seek legal assistance from attorneys qualified in this area. For more information, you can review the Saugus Society brochure.

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