• FEF is the metalcasting industry’s link to colleges & universities in North America

  • FEF provides resources to certified metalcasting programs to develop technical talent for the industry.

  • All of FEF’s efforts are focused on attracting the very best students to a career in metalcasting.

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      College Industry Conference

Registration Form
  1. Please Check All Events You Are Attending
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    -- (Please note: For companies not currently contributing $1000 or more to FEF, the cost for the Career Information Session Table will be $1000.00.) Includes Thursday Career Information Session Table ONLY. Additionally, at least one person from each company reserving a table will need to register for either Thursday Only ($325.00) or the Full Conference ($575.00).
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    -- Includes Thursday Career Information Session attendance, Friday General Session, Friday Awards Luncheon, and Friday Reception.
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    -- Includes Thursday Career Information Session attendance (if you would like to attend the Reception on Friday evening, there is an additional charge of $50.00 – please register for that below).
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    -- Includes General Session, Friday Awards Luncheon, and Friday Reception.
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    -- Includes Thursday Career Information Session, Friday General Session, Friday Awards Luncheon, and Friday Reception.
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  20. REFUND POLICY -- Registration is complete and guaranteed upon receipt of your registration form. Because of our commitment to the hotel for meals and to students for travel, the FEF cannot refund fees after Friday, November 1, 2013.
  21. Form of Payment

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    Call the FEF Office to process your credit card over the phone - 847-490-9200.
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  23. INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION INFORMATION - each attendee must fill out this section of the registration form.
  24. Name
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  25. Spouse Name
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  26. Company Name
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  27. Position
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  28. Address
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  32. Email
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  35. CAREER INFORMATION DATA -- Please fill out the section below for your Company to participate in the Career Information Session on Thursday, November 21. Student Delegate information will be sent prior to the conference to the Key Contact IF PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED by November 1, 2013. For those companies who pay after November 1, 2013, the Student Delegate information will be available at the Conference for the Key Contact from your company. Each representative at your table must be registered for the Conference. Full conference attendance plus a table is available for $1025.00 and attendance for the Career Information Session only is available at $275.
  36. CAREER INFORMATION TABLE REGISTRATION - only needs to be filled out if you are registering for an industry table and only the "key contact" needs to fill this out.
  37. Company Name
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  38. Address
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  39. City
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  40. State
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  41. Zip Code
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  42. Phone
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  43. Website (example: http://www.example.com)
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  44. Key Contact
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    -- (Person responsible for table)
  45. Other Individuals Manning the Table
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    (Each must be separately registered)
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  47. Locations Where Students Could Expect To Work
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  49. Size of Company
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  51. Segments of Industry

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  53. Fields of Interest (check all that apply)

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  55. Specific Job Description (if you are looking to fill a specific job, you can list abilities looking for and/or responsibilities involved in that job):
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  57. Product Lines (Examples of what you produce)
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  59. Your Employment Needs
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  61. When Do You Expect To Hire
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  63. I would like to support the student and professor registration with my additional tax-deductible gift of:

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  67. Submit Your Registration

      CAST (CAreer assiST)

Attention Employers & Students - Now available for posting & searching metalcasting job opportunities 

For companies looking for interns & first-time, full-time employees to fill job positions AND students looking to enhance their educational experience with an internship or ready to apply for their first full-time position...


The objective of FEF’s CAST Portal is to provide a web-based, “one-stop shopping” program to better connect FEF students to industry employers. FEF is committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships between students, employing organizations, and institutions.  You will need to create an account in order to post a job position or to apply for a job. You can click here to search to the jobs that are currently available (no account necesssary). Click here for the CAST homepage. You can also click on the Employment tab above.

CAST openingPage

      We Are FEF Video




Also available on YouTube - bit.ly/WeAreFEF--2016