Internship/Co-Op Scholarship

Applications will be accepted up to October 1, 2018

Many employers are more inclined to hire students that not only have good grades, but have some work experience. This scholarship directly focuses on those students that have taken the initiative to participate in an internship or co-op to further their knowledge of the casting industry. These on-the-job experiences give the student a hands-on perspective of the casting industry. The goal of this scholarship to reward the work experience gained in the industry with a focus on project work, lessons learned, and leadership development.


Selection Criteria

  • FEF Internship Scholarships are open to any FEF registered student who completes an internship or co-op in the metalcasting industry
  • Annual scholarships have ranged from $1000 to $2000 each year and are dependent on the quality of the application submitted and amount of funding available

Academic Requirements

  • Scholarship selection will be work-performance based
  • Student must attend an FEF Certified or Affiliated School

Internship Requirements

  • Student must have a minimum 300 hours work experience over 12 months within the metalcasting industry

Deadlines for Entry

  • Application deadline is October 1st
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified in November

Submission Needs to Include

  • Student application - click here
  • Evaluation form from employers - click here
  • Student's 1-2 page report - minimum of 250 words - about your internships/co-op experience (click here to email)


If you do not receive a confirmation of application email from the FEF office within 48 business hours, please call 847-490-9200 to make sure that your application has been received.