Penn State Comments

C.B., Penn State - May 2018

This past April I was honored to be recognized as a Foundry Educational Foundation scholarship recipient at the recommendation of Dr. Robert Voigt. I was a student in Dr. Voigt's metal casting class where I learned the in's and out's of the metal casting industry. My partner and I built a pattern from scratch for a ball-peen hammer and produced 13 usable brass castings from traditional green sand casting methods. That hands-on experience was the highlight of my semester as I was able to work on my craftsmanship beyond that taught in traditional engineering courses. I was also exposed to industry software such as SOLIDCast and gating design rules, which I will continue to focus on as I work harder on my research to improve gating system designs through 3D sand printing technology.

I am grateful to be recognized for my work by Dr. Voigt and the Foundry Educational Foundation. Attending graduate school has been one of the most difficult tasks I have taken on in my academic career. Receiving this scholarship was a welcomed milestone as I feel I have found my academic footing here at Penn State.

Thank you again to FEF and Dr. Voigt for recognizing me with this honor.