Keith Dwight Millis Scholarship

Overview and Requirements

This scholarship is not just restricted to FEF Schools, but is open to all students, including international, who are interested in Ductile Iron. Keith Millis is the inventor of ductile iron. This process has exerted a tremendous influence on the metal working world. A new industry was born and has become very important to metal casters. Mr. Millis served on many Boards and societies, including the Presidency of FEF in 1967-68. He also served as the Executive Director of the Ductile Iron Society which honors him with these scholarships in his name.
This scholarship will be awarded at either the Ductile Iron Society's Annual Meeting or the College Industry Conference.
Students need to be registered with FEF. Students should have a demonstrated interest in Ductile Iron, and provide a letter to document their interest.
Undergraduate and Graduate students both may apply.
Before October 11, 2019 (deadlines are subject to change from year to year)
If you do not receive a confirmation of application receipt from the FEF office within 48 business hours, please call 847-490-9200 to make sure that your application has been received.

Scholarship Form

The majority of this scholarship is based off your FEF profile. It is extremely important that you have your entire FEF profile completed to be considered for this scholoarship

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