AFS - WI Past Presidents' Scholarship

Selection Criteria

The AFS-Wisconsin Chapter Past Presidents' Scholarship supports undergraduate level educational efforts, including direct student scholarships, in arts and sciences beneficial to the cast metals industry, particularly within the membership area for the AFS Wisconsin Chapter.

Applications are submitted on the FEF website (below) and initially evaluated by FEF. Final evaluation and selection of grant recipients is made by the Scholarship Committee of the Wisconsin Chapter. The size of the awards can vary and in determining the specific awards to be made, the Scholarship Committee will consider factors such as the availability of funds, the number of qualified applicants and the cascade of selection criteria presented below.  Within each category below, the selection criteria is presented in descending order of preference.

  • Resident in AFS Wisconsin Chapter area
  • Resident of Wisconsin outside Chapter area
  • Resident of a state adjacent to Wisconsin
  • Residency other than above
  • Must be North American citizen or permanent resident (see next requirement)
  • If you are not a North American citizen, click here to review the policy
  • Attending an FEF school
  • Attending a Wisconsin school
  • Attending a school in an adjacent state
  • Preference will be given to students who are pursuing programs deemed most useful to the cast metal industry.
  • Preference will be given to students with best scholastic records.
Work Experience
  • Currently in Co-op program involving the cast metal industry
  • Work experience in the cast metal industry
  • Any manufacturing work experience
  • Any work experience
All applications must be received by December 15th of the current year.
If you do not receive a confirmation of application receipt from the FEF office within 48 business hours, please call 847-490-9200 to make sure that your application has been received.

Scholarship Form

The majority of this scholarship is based off your FEF profile. It is extremely important that you have your entire FEF profile completed to be considered for this scholoarship.

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