Alumni Ambassador Program

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The MISSION of the FEF Alumni Ambassador Program (AAP) is to advance the relationship between FEF, its Alumni, current students, Key Professors, and Friends through a program that fosters a spirit of loyalty and promotes the mission of FEF.

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FEF would like to provide all alumni the opportunity to continue to be connected to FEF following graduation all the way through work experience and into retirement. As a participant in the Alumni Ambassador Program you will be able to: network with former classmates and industry acquaintancesguide students and AFS Student Chapters at FEF universities and colleges, and connected to the FEF brand. 


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Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee EnQuest Event


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MI Tech Advanced Materials & Mfg Day

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Joe Licavoli (Michigan Tech)
Research Engineer
Michigan Tech

Joe is a graduate from Michigan Tech with multiple degrees - 2006 with a BS in Materials Science and 2013 with a PhD also in Materials Science.


After his graduation in 2006, Joe worked at Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Michigan. His rotations included working on diesel engine programs, stamping procedures and vehicle lightweighting. After a few years at Chrysler, he worked at Sandvik Hard Materials. His position there allowed him to travel around the Midwest and the world, and gave him a better appreciation for the technical challenges of powder metallurgy. In between sales trips, the company would have him assist their plant in West Branch, MI with technical/production issues.


Joe joined Alcoa Howmet in Whitehall, MI and worked as a casting process engineer. After a few years at Alcoa, he decided to return to Michigan Tech. He now serves as a research engineer working on projects for industrial and government sponsors.  He also teaches the metalcasting course and has been working with the current foundry manager to update the curriculum and lab activities to teach more industrially relevant skill sets.


We look forward to keeping in contact with you for many years to come. We are interested in your continued involvement in the metalcasting industry and want to assist you in any way that we can so that you are successful. We would also like to highlight alumni on this page as well as our Facebook page. If you are willing to update your work information and interests, please click here to fill out a short form.



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