Scholarship Application Prerequisites

For your scholarship to be considered, you must have a complete and updated FEF profile.

If you are a citizen of a country other than North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico), please fill out this form.

Scholarships Available Through FEF

Non-Ferrous Founders' Society ScholarshipSeptember 15th 2022Deadline Past
Sinto-AFS Future Leaders of Metalcasting ScholarshipSeptember 15th 2022Deadline Past
AFS Twin City Memorial ScholarshipOctober 3rd 2022Deadline Past
NADCA Indiana Chapter 25 ScholarshipOctober 7th 2022Deadline Past
Foseco - Ron Ruddle Memorial ScholarshipOctober 10th 2022Deadline Past
Carlton H. Metzloff Memorial ScholarshipOctober 21st 2022Deadline Past
Keith Dwight Millis ScholarshipOctober 21st 2022Deadline Past
AFS - WI Past Presidents' ScholarshipDecember 15th 2022Available
George J. Barker Memorial ScholarshipDecember 15th 2022Available
AFS Northeastern Wisconsin ScholarshipDecember 16th 2022Available
Jean Bye - AFS Women in Metalcasting ScholarshipMarch 3rd 2023Available

Other Available Scholarships

H.H. Harris Foundation ScholarshipMay 26th 2023Available